Michelle Holder

Country artist from Chattanooga Tennessee


Michelle Holder’s voice has been described as a cross between Stevie Nicks and Lorrie Morgan. It is at times, sultry and strong, but there lies underneath a vulnerability that comes through on cuts like “Hurtin’ and Blue” and “In Another Life.”


Her debut Album, “Heartfelt” featured songs that dealt with heartache, reconciliation, and missed opportunities. The album was laced with hard-hitting country tracks like “Good Time” and “Big Change” showing Michelle’s versatility with different genres. The album featured strong guitar and keyboard work from session men Phil Palma and Tony Cooper while staying true to its name with tender, ballads like “Who Am I” and David Gray’s “This Year’s Love.”  Michelle’s latest work is an enhanced version of “Heartfelt” titled “A Little More Heartfelt.” It features all the great songs from the original plus a bonus track “Down To the River to Pray” and also features the video for “Hurtin’ and Blue (This Bed’s Made For Two).”


Since she was six years old, standing in front to a mirror with a hairbrush as her microphone, Michelle has wanted to sing. From elementary school through high school, she entered every talent show she could and placed in almost all of them. She sang at the 1982 World’s Fair in Knoxville and was the 1996 Tennessee State karaoke champion. She has developed a local following by performing live nightly at the Station House in Chattanooga Tennessee for many years and has appeared on the Musical Moose’s “Gone With The Moose” and Carter Larson’s “Crush Of A Lie.”  This album represents her first serious endeavor into the country genre and hopefully will carry her voice to a larger audience.


Michelle says, “I am inspired by God’s presence.”  Music is very important to me

When I’m singing or just listening to songs, I feel a Devine connection that seems to complete me and give me strength at the same time; a rejuvenation of sorts. It is my hope that “Heartfelt” will touch and rejuvenate you because it also came from the heart.


Hurtin and Blue video