Latest News - Backyard Records is proud to release Saxton, Cash & Darnell's first video "Bell Bottom Blues."  The video was shot at Southern Sounds Studio in Byron Georgia and features Emma Darnell on lead vocals. You can check it out on our You Tube channel or play it on our website.

Backyard Records is proud to release Holly McCormack's latest single "Fake Plastic Trees."  Holly originally covered this Radiohead classic back in 2012 but has recently re-recorded the vocals and updated many of the instruments. Big thanks go out to Butch Ross and Amber Fults for their help and contributions to the recording. The track is due for release on all prominent download and streaming sites (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) on June 28th. If you would like to listen to a sample, just click on Holly's artist page above and hit the play button.

 Backyard Records artists Saxton, Cash & Darnell  were at Southern Sounds studio in Byron Georgia back on March 26th working on a new release. The ladies recorded several new tunes including a cover of Derek and the Dominoes Bell Bottom Blues and worked on a new video coming out later this year. 

Backyard Records will be releasing Barry Darnell and the Mobile Slim's fourth studio album tilted "Me & Brian" on May 31st. The album contains 12 tracks of all original material written by Barry and his brother Brian Darnell. The album should also be available for pre-sales on May 21st, 2021.

Backyard Records has released a 12" Vinyl version of Barry Darnell's "Postcards From Tupelo." Two songs "Prison Grove" and "Make You Feel My Love" had to be omitted to facilitate the vinyl format, but the rest of the great songs are included. This is the perfect Christmas gift for audiophiles everywhere. Please visit our store to make your purchase and Merry Christmas to all.

Pressure Video

Backyard Records has released a new video featuring Chloe Saxton. The song titled "What Will I Do (For the Rest of My Life)" was written by Barry Darnell and Brian Darnell and was recorded and videotaped at the famed Capricorn Sound Studios in Macon Georgia. You can check it out at this Link and be sure to subscribe to our You Tube Channel.

We are saddened today by the passing of "Ghostrain" lead guitarist John King. John was a founding member of the band and co- wrote many of the band's songs. He was born in Cairo Georgia but settled into the Atlanta area after attending Georgia State University. John lent his talent to many local acts in Marietta and Kennesaw most recently with "The Longshots."  John's health had been waning in recent weeks but in the end, he succumbed to a heart attack on may 16th, 2020. He was 58 years old. We will miss John's humor and his impressive guitar skills but we are grateful for all he gave us.

- Backyard Records has released a new video of Abe Reid and the Spikedrivers performing a new single titled "Gravity" live at the Sound Lab in Greensboro NC. Abe is a blues stalwart in and around North Carolina and we all had a good time working on the project. feel free to check it out on our You Tube page at this link

- Backyard Records will be releasing a new single for new artist Chloe Saxton titled "Make You Feel My Love" on July 5th. Chloe's haunting and stripped down rendering of this Dylan classic combined with her "old soul" voice, leave a memorable impression on listeners everywhere. Please check this one out on Itunes and Amazon Prime as soon as you can. 

- Backyard Records is proud to announce that we will be releasing a new DVD of Barry Darnell and the Mobile Slim Band, titled “Live from the Big Show.”  The “Big Show” was recorded and filmed back in April of 2018 at the historic Douglass Theatre in Macon Georgia and features live material from Barry’s latest album “Postcards from Tupelo” and some well know blues classics.  Barry recruited a virtual all-star group of musicians to augment the normal Mobile Slim players, including Tony Cooper on piano, Wayne Pierce on organ, Phil Palma on guitar and Jessica Whaley on violin. The DVD will be available on June 23rd at the Backyard Records website.

- Backyard Records has released a video of "Barry Darnell and the Mobile Slim Band" performing the blues classic "Walking the Dog"  written by Rufus Thomas. The performance was taped at Barry's recent show in Macon at the Douglass Theatre back in April and features an all-star cast of performers. Please check it out on our You Tube page located at this link. We also want to thank Adam Hull, Tom Rowan from the Sound Lab, Mark Storey from Storey Communications and Megan Rickborn from Universal Music Group, for all the work in getting the video produced and published.

- Backyard Records is proud to announce the upcoming release of Barry Darnell and the Mobile Slim Band's third studio album titled "Postcards From Tupelo."  Produced by Barry Darnell, Michael Harris, and longtime sound man Goose Goodrich the album features Barry covering some Elvis inspired, time honored country classics and some original material which harkens back to the more innocent early days of blues rock. The album will be released in early April 2018. So stay tuned for upcoming information.

- Backyard Records will be releasing the debut single for new artist Michelle Cash on January 15th. Michelle delivers a haunting rendition of the Band Perry's hit "If I Die Young." Recorded last year, the song features Charles Reynolds on dobro and Jessica Nunn on violin. Feel free to check it out at

- Congratulations to Barry Darnell for being awarded the 2017 Georgia Music Legend Award. Barry was recognized after his performance at the recent Blues and BBQ Festival held annually in Blue Ridge Georgia. The award is given to recognize not only exceptional musical talent but also artists who try to make a positive contribution to their community through charity work and overall support for the Blues genre. Past recipients include Alan Walden, Eddie Tigner, Chick Willis, Eddie Kirkland, and Beverly "Guitar" Wakins.

- Backyard Records has released a new single from Barry Darnell. Barry pays homage to the great Glenn Campbell with this tender rendition of the Jimmy Webb penned classic "Wichita Lineman." You can check it out at CD Baby, just follow this link.

- Backyard Records is proud to announce the release of “Long Gone Gypsy” Eddie Kirkland’s last known album. Recorded in December 2009 and January 2010 in Macon, Georgia, the album contains six original tracks and two new studio versions of Kirkland’s most successful songs “Pick up the Pieces” and “Rainbow.” The album was produced by longtime Blues man Barry Darnell and engineered by Goose Goodrich. It features Eddie’s signature guitar work accompanied by a full brass section and solid piano work by Tony Cooper. The recordings have been in mothballs for sometime due to Eddie’s unexpected death and delays involved with the settlement of his estate. 


Backyard Records would also like to thank Hedy Langdon, Andrew Gerber, and Jo Ann Kinney without whose help this record might never have been released. We also owe a huge debt of gratitude to Barry Darnell who had the foresight to put this recording together while Eddie, at his advanced age, was still able to deliver the songs with the same energy and skill of his earlier work. “Long Gone Gypsy” will be available at all reputable internet download and streaming sites on April 12th, so mark your calendars.

- Backyard Records has launched a new music platform called "Backyard Radio" which will feature music from our artists and in some cases artists with past associations with our label. We hope to produce one hour long programs from time to time, which will highlight our artist's music and make it more accessible to music lovers everywhere through our You Tube channel. To check it out just follow this link.

- Backyard Records is proud to digitally release Ghostrain's third album titled "The Empire Falls" on Friday January 20th. Glenn Madison and company have expanded on the bands signature alternative rock sound by incorporating more folk sounding elements and a little “cajun creole” into the new material resulting in standout cuts like "Whiskey Town" and "Vienna Retreats." But long time fans will not be disappointed because the band has also delivered some of their best throwback rock roll with "Rex" and "Voodoo Diary."


The album, recorded at Studio 17 in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia and engineered by noted sound man Josh Chuma, features Jessica Nunn on Violin, Jeff Stulce on piano and Jeff Wheeler on drums, as well as Melinda Cheney and Michelle Holder, who contribute solid background harmonies rounding out the band's new soundscape.


The record will be available at most reputable digital internet providers including Apple iTunes, Amazon, spotify and facebook at on January 20th.

- Backyard Records will be releasing Ghostrain's third album titled "The Empire Falls" on December 8th. you can check out samples of the new record on our music page, and you can go to our online store to purchase the CD for only $7.99. plus shipping. If you purchase the record between now and Christmas, December 25th, 2016, you will receive a free CD from another Backyard Records artists, so act quickly!

- Atlanta based Ghostrain will be returning to the studio July 2nd. to begin work on a new project tentatively titled "The Empire Falls." Front man Glenn Madison is looking to expand on the bands signature alternative rock sound by incorporating more folk sounding elements to some of the new material. We look forward to hearing the bands efforts soon.

- Ghostrain's lead guitarist John King has fallen on some hard times due to the collapse of his back deck. John was injured in the incident and has been unable to make repairs. Mean while the county has moved to condemn the property unless repairs are made. John’s brother has set up a gofundme page at this link and the band is planning a benefit concert next Friday April 8th. If you can find it in your heart to give and help John out, I’m sure good karma will follow you for the rest of your days.

- Backyard Records will be releasing Surrender's second album "Live at Shadowlands" on December 10th. The album features a different facet of the band, highlighting their raw and visceral side. Surrender blisters through the set with a freewheeling loose feel that contrast only slightly with their studio work. The album also features a rare appearance from Red Letter Disciple’s Andrea Sansone performing a cover of the Rita Springer penned “Worth It All” and opens with Randy Beach's standout performance on a cover of Jake Hamilton’s “Breakout.”  For a short while you can go to our music page and get a sneak peak.



- Backyard Records will be releasing a new live video of Surrender performing "Judgement" at Shadowlands Tabernacle. The track was filmed and recorded back in May and, as always, we would like to thank Josh Chuma, Megan Hollenbeck, and Chris Allight for their work to make this video possible and all the folks at Shadowlands for hosting the event. The video will be available on October 1st and can be seen on the Backyard Records you tube site. Just follow this link.

- Barry Darnell will be performing a benefit concert for "Feed the Mountain" at Forest Hills United Methodist Church in Macon Georgia on Saturday July 24th. Proceeds will go to help fund the Church's missionary efforts in Haiti. So if you are in the area, come on out for a great time.

- Wanted to thank everyone who came out to the "Rock the Ridge" Christian rock concert last night at Shadowlands Tabernacle in Blairsville Georgia. We also wanted to thank Tom Waldron for providing us with great sound and all the volunteers at Shadowland's for making us feel welcome and, of course, we want to recognize all the work Red Letter Disciple, The Shine Effect, and Surrender did to prepare for the show.

- We are excited to become the exclusive distributor for Barry Darnell's second album "Mr Slim...He's a Dude." The album will be re-released on May 2nd and will be available in the traditional jewel case product configuration for the first time. We also made some small changes to the art work to conform to the new configuration but of course we did not change a single note of this fine album. you can hear a sample of "New Orleans Bound" on Barry's reverbnation page at this link.

- On Saturday May 2nd, Backyard Records will be sponsoring a Christian rock concert in Blairsville Georgia, featuring "Surrender," "Red Letter Disciple," and special guests "The Shine Effect." Tickets are free and the concert will be hosted by Shadowlands Tabernacle. Doors open at 7:00 PM, so if you are in the area come on out and enjoy the show.

- Ghostrain's new music video for "Blackwater Sorrow" will make it's world premier on Friday, February 13th on the Backyard Records You Tube channel. Follow this link to check it out and become a subscriber. We also want to thank Adam Hull, Josh Chuma, Megan Hollenbeck, Tanqueray Harper and Chris Allight for their considerable help in making this video a reality.



- Backyard Records is proud to announce that Van Gough will be joining our 2015 Board of Directors. Van will assume the role of Director of Quality and will also bring his knowledge gained from promoting and recording music around Winston-Salem, North Carolina and Macon, Georgia. Van will be replacing Michelle Cash who is stepping down to devote more time to her family. Michelle will remain with the company and will continue to handle the companies procurement. Please join me in welcoming Van to the organization.


- Surrender's debut album "Turn Up The Love" will be available for download at all major internet retailers on December 10th. You can listen to samples of the record on our music page or go to Apple iTunes and download it for just 99 cents a song.

- Just in time for cyber Monday we have opened our online music store. For a limited time we are offering CD's of our most popular artists at the lowest prices ever. You will not find these bargains at any other online or retail outlet. They are exclusive to our online store. To get to the savings just click on our convenient store link and start filling your stockings with great music.

- We wanted to send out a thank you to Sound Machine Radio for promoting Ghostrain, Michelle Holder and other Backyard Records artists. The station was selected as the New Music Weekly Internet Station of the Year for 2009, 2010, 2011 and was nominated for 2012. You can listen at www.soundmachineradio.comDJ Bear has been rocking the edge of the continent from Moyock North Carolina for many years and is a real friend of independent artists everywhere.


- Backyard Records will be releasing Barry Darnell and the Mobile Slim Band's first live album titled "Live at the Hummingbird" on Friday, October 31st. The album was recorded at The Hummingbird Stage and Tap Room in Macon Georgia during a single performance back in May of this year. The record captures Barry's high energy performance of some of his original songs and the band also tackles some classic blues covers such as Robert Johnson's "Love in Vain" and Percy Sledge's "It Tears Me Up." The record comes off very genuine and more upbeat than most blues records, especially of this caliber. To get a sneak preview, visit our Reverbnation page and check out Barry's version of "it Tears Me Up." 

- Check out the album review of Ghostrain's new album "Eulogy for the Living" in Skope magazine.

Opening track "Let’s Rock and Roll"  is unabashedly euphoric in its use of classic rock tropes, with the swirling organ and fizzing guitar solo. The track gets the album off to a roaring start, before moving into "City of the Sun" a more smoldering track with gritty vocals and a low bass rumble that adds weight and texture. "Suit And A Tie" pushes things in a more upbeat direction, with the glorious organ creating a rich backdrop for the guitars to sit on top as the gospel tinged backing vocals soar along, while "Propane Charlie" is a more ambling track that plods along like someone heading home after a long night at the bar. It’s a sound that suits the song’s content perfectly, with a slight sadness beneath the weaving rhythm. "Push and Shove" is a real singalong number, exactly the kind of song that would get people joining in whenever it might be put on the juke box, while tracks like "Blackwater Sorrow" are moments on the album that are packed with a sad gravity. The cover of Talking Heads’ "Psycho Killer" is a neat touch, probably unnecessary, but that doesn’t stop it from being a fun moment on the album, while the closing track "Great Wanderer"  brings together all of Ghostrain’s signature sounds to create a warm and engaging conclusion to the homage to rock that is Eulogy For The Living.






- We are very excited to be adding North Georgia Christian rock band “Surrender” to our roster. "Surrender" resides in Blue Ridge, Georgia and features Randy Beach on lead guitar and vocals, Ricky Beach on bass guitar, Eric Guthrie on guitars and vocals, Kyle Sosebee on drums, and Tucker Guthrie on guitar and keyboards. Their sound is reminiscent of 80’s influenced southern rock, laid over tight and engaging arrangements. The band has already devoted considerable time and effort into recording their music and is busy putting on some final touches before releasing their debut album sometime before Christmas. Please join me in welcoming the band to our growing family of artists.

- Ashton Chevallier of the Music Driven Rock Documentary Project poses with Ghostrain after their August 30th release show in Marietta Georgia. Ashton and Farran Tabrizi are making a rock documentary about the state of local rock scenes across the country and wanted to feature portions of Ghostrain's and Holly McCormack's performance. They also hung around and conducted interviews with the bands. We look forward to seeing the finished documentary and wanted to send out a big thanks for including us.



- Ghostrain's "Psycho Killer" will be available for download at CD Baby on August 10th. It's the first single from their new album "Eulogy for the Living."  You can check it out now on our music page.




- We are all excited about the upcoming August 30th release of “Ghostrain’s” second album, “Eulogy for the Living.” To wet your appetite a little, we are releasing the cover art and some information about the artist, Buckner Sutter. Buckner is a Minnesota photographer and digital artist who explores the worlds that exist between the real and imagined. Buckner says “Our experiences and lives can be quite foreign to one another but our dream worlds are somehow very familiar. Art reflecting upon this dream place resonates and comforts, having a sense of personal relevance, a landscape terrain or place we feel we have been before but at the same time seems paradoxically strange and haunting.” We feel that this cover conveys the quiet and reflection that some of the lyrics provoke but also presents a calm before the music within is released and the barebacked ride begins. We certainly want to thank Buckner for sharing his art with our project and look forward to the release show.




- Backyard Records is proud to announce that we have reached an agreement with Southern Blues man Barry Darnell and Preferred Records to become their exclusive physical and digital media distributor. In addition, we will be releasing our first live recording featuring Barry and the Mobile Slim Band titled “Live at the Hummingbird!” later this year. The record captures Barry’s high energy performance and also contains several classic blues covers which only Barry and the Mobile Slim Band can deliver. The show really comes off as genuine and you can almost hear the smoke in the room! Please stay tuned for more about this project. In the meantime, check out Barry’s music at apple iTunes.


- Holly McCormack's new single "Fire" is now available for download on apple iTunes. You can also hear a sample of the track on our music page. We want to thank Butch Ross, Hannah Kuhn, Todd Garland, and Mike McDade for their help on putting the track together and of course Josh Chuma for his help with the sound. 


- Backyard Records will be releasing Ghostrain's second album "Eulogy for the Living" on Saturday August 30th. The release show will be held at the 120 Tavern and Music Hall in Marietta Georgia and the show starts at 8:00 pm EDT.  For more information visit


- Backyard Records will be releasing a compilation disc later this year to celebrate our 10th anniversary. The disc will be titled "10 for Listening" and will contain some of our favorite recordings from each of our past releases. In addition, we have asked Holly McCormack, Andrea Sansone from "Red Letter Disciple," Michelle Holder, and Brian Minshew to perform on a new recording of the Amy Grant classic "Children of the World" which will be part of the CD. We have also invited special guests, Ryan Oyer, Beth Ireland and Rebekah Davis from "By Order of the Queen," and Randy Beach from "Surrender" to come and help us out with the project. We hope to finish it up May 24th, but have not set a release date as of yet. So more to come on that note.


- Christian rock band Red Letter Disciple will be performing Saturday May 10th at this year's Strawberry Festival in Dayton Tennessee. RLD will take the stage at 8:00 PM so come early and have some strawberries and stick around for the show.


- We are all saddened by the recent loss of Chattanooga guitarist Josh Bates. Josh was one of the founding members of the band "Long Gone Darlings" and also played guitar for "Okinawa" and the "Ryan Oyer Band." He backed up Holly McCormack when she performed live and appeared in her video for the song "Pressure."  Josh left us way too soon and certainly had more music to give. We will miss him.


- Atlanta based rock band Ghostrain will be returning to the studio on Saturday February 15th to begin work on their sophomore album tentatively titled "Eulogy for the Living."  Glenn Madison and the gang will once again team up with noted sound engineer Chris Griffin and will also be utilizing keyboardist Jeff Stulce extensively through out the record, as well as some possible surprise guests.


- Backyard Records is proud to announce that we have signed Atlanta based rock group "Ghostrain" to our roster of artists. The band features vocalist Glenn Madison, drummer Ed Mascali, lead guitarist John King, and  bassist Loren Haefer. The group had been in our sites for some time with their unique blend of alternative rock arrangements coupled with finely crafted lyrics. We hope to begin working on "Ghostrain's" second album sometime in March.


- Christian rock band Red Letter Disciple will be appearing on Righteous Rock Radio on February 22nd at 2:00 PM. The band will participate in an interview and will perform two songs live, so be sure to tune in at


- Hey everybody Red letter Disciple's radio feature was postponed until Thursday January 2nd. They will still be featured on Untombed Radio with DJ Dale Huffman. Dale will be ROCKIN' the web with a double shot of RLD from 7 to 9 pm EST. So every one tune in at for the show.




- Backyard Records has released a new promotional video for the band Red Letter Disciple. The video features new footage of their recent concert at Chattanooga's Riverbend Festival and their appearance in July on the Atlanta Live show. Thank yous go out to Megan Hollenbeck and her crew for their efforts putting the video together. To check it out, go to and let us know what you think.


- Backyard Records artist Holly McCormack will be opening for national touring act Kelly McRae on Saturday November 16th at The Camp House in Chattanooga Tennessee. Show starts at 7:30 PM so be sure and save the date.


- Congratulations to Red Letter Disciple. The bands song "Chance" was voted the number 1 song on Ourstage's Christian channel for the month of August. The song then went on and was voted grand prize winner in the specialty channel for the same month. Everyone here at Backyard Records sends out a big thank you to all the fans and listeners who took the time to judge.


- Backyard Records  will be sponsoring a concert featuring Atlanta rock band "Ghostrain" and Chattanooga's own "Ryan Oyer" at The Camp House on Saturday September 21st in Chattanooga TN. Doors open at 7:00 PM and tickets are just $5.00 at the door. So if you are in the area, come on out and have a coffee or a beer or two and enjoy the show. Visit for more information about "Ghostrain."


- Red Letter Disciple will be performing live on WATC TV Channel 57's Atlanta Live show on Friday August 16th at 6:00 PM. Check this link to determine your local channel.



- Red Letter Disciple's debut album "Messages" is now on sale at Apple iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby. Downloads are just 99 cents!


- Backyard Records will be releasing Red Letter Disciples new album on June 11th and the release show will be held at the 2013 Riverbend Festival on the Volkswagen stage at 7:30 PM. We will also be selling RLD t-shirts and wristbands so come early and be one of the first to get your souvenirs and secure a good spot.


- Backyard Records VP of Communications Lyn Isbel is resigning her position on the Board of Directors effective this Friday. Lyn has expressed a desire to pursue other interests and we certainly wish her well. We would also like to express our gratitude for her service and leadership on the board the last 4 years. Megan Hollenbeck will be assuming her role of VP of Communications and will also serve on the Board of Directors. Megan is a graduate of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and has been active in the Chattanooga area by supporting the Theater of the New South, and co-founding the "Chattanooga Organized For Action" organization. Please help me to welcome Megan to the organization.


- Alicia Smith's latest single "Calling All Angels" is now available for download at apple iTunes,, and CD Baby. Proceeds from the sale of this song will go to help fund the "A Child Is Missing" organization. Feel free to visit our music page were you can listen to a sample. For more information about Alicia visit


- Christian rock band "Red Letter Disciple" will be returning to Euphony Sound Studio in Dayton TN on March 17th to record three new tracks for their upcoming album. 


Red letter Disciple vocalist Andrea Sansone


- Backyard Records is proud to announce that we have signed Christian rock band, "Red Letter Disciple," to our roster of artists. "Red Letter Disciple" is comprised of vocalist Andrea Sansone, guitarists Brian Osborne and Mike Gigsby, drummer Brian Scott, and bassist Jerry Morris. The current quintet has been together for about 8 months, however, the band's origin goes back much further and they are all seasoned musicians. They have performed at several musical festivals in the southeast, including the Boomsday event in Knoxville, and are slated to perform at the 2013 Riverbend Music Festival in Chattanooga this coming June. Work has already begun on their debut album and we hope to be able to release it by May 2013.


left to right - bassist Jerry Morris, guitarist Mike Grigsby, Backyard Records CEO Michael Harris, vocalist Andrea Sansone, Backyard Records Vice President Stuart Wooden, drummer Brian Scott, and guitarist Brian Osborne.


Holly McCormack will be opening for Laura Thurston at the Moccasin Bend Brewery on Saturday January 12th. The show starts at 7:00 pm, so come on out and have a few beers and see these two wonderful folk artists perform.


- CEO and Founder of "A Child is" Sherry Friedlander will be appearing on "Journey to Gold" this Friday December 21st at 7:00 pm EST. Sherry will be discussing her organization and the "Calling All Angels" project with host CJ Johnson and will give the public a sneak peak of the song. To tune in to the show, please follow this link


- Backyard Records is proud to announce that we will be returning to the studio on December 7th with new artist Alicia Smith to cut a very special song titled "Calling All Angels" written by Jane Siberry. A portion of the proceeds for this song will go to support the "a child is missing" organization, founded by Sherry Friedlander. For more information about Alicia please visit and for more information about Sherry's organization visit 


- Backyard Records artists Holly McCormack and Brian Minshew will be performing at  The Camp House in Chattanooga Tennessee on Saturday December 8th. Doors open at 7:00 pm and tickets are just $5.00 at the door. This marks the first time two of our artists have performed together so we are really excited about the upcoming show and hope to see everyone there.


- Backyard Records is proud to be sponsoring a new show titled "Journey to Gold" on the Voiceamerica Empowerment Channel. The show will feature a new segment titled "Dreamquest" hosted by Josie Passantino and is dedicated to independent artists who share their personal story of following their musical journey. The segment will highlight the artists music and listeners are encouraged to vote for their favorite contestant each week. The show airs each Friday at 4:00 pm Pacific time 7:00 pm Eastern time. For more information visit   


- Backyard Records has released a new live video of Holly McCormack performing her song "Pressure" at her recent concert at The Camp House. We want to thank Jon Ginese, Megan Hollenbeck, Josh Chuma, and Monte Wilson for all their help putting it together. Please take a few moments and give it a look at this link.


 - Holly McCormack will be performing Saturday August 4th at the Ringgold Farmers Market from 9:30 am to 11:00 am directly in front of the Catoosa County Courthouse. So everyone come on out and pick up some fresh produce and hear some new music from Holly.   


- Congratulations to Holly Mccormack, her song "Guarded"  charted in the top ten on Ourstage for the female singer/songwriter channel for the month of July. Thanks to all the fans who gave the song a vote. 


Congratulations to Director, Nicholas Sailer, Writer, Tim Reavis and Cinematographer, Josh Bielek for winning the Best Picture and Best Director at the 2012 Campus Moviefest for their short film "The Strong One."  It’s a true accomplishment to communicate such an emotional message in just 4 minutes of film. Please take a few minutes and check it out at this Link. 


- We are very excited to welcome Gary Wooden to our staff. Gary has accepted a new position as Director of Operations and will be assisting us with our live events and will also be responsible for managing and maintaining our stage and sound equipment. 


- Holly McCormack and cellist Hannah Kuhn will be performing at the "Fashion for a Fraction" event on the main stage at Hamilton Place Mall in Chattanooga TN, on Thursday May 17th from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Proceeds will benefit the Salvation Army, so if you are in the area, come on out and maybe find a bargain or two and hear some great music. For more information click on this link 


- Holly McCormack's debut album "So Far From Reality" is now available for download at Apple iTunes. Just click on this link and you are there. 


- Backyard Records artist Brian Minshew will be appearing on the talk radio show "From Maui With Aloha" on May 4th with host CJ Johnson. They will also be featuring Brian's music all month long so be sure to tune in.  


- We have been hard at work on Holly McCormack's debut album "So Far From Reality." Just to give you a little tease, for the next couple of weeks you can go to our music page and listen to the complete first track titled "That Look."


 - Holly will be back in the studio to cut the last track on her debut album "So Far From Reality" on January 21st. Holly has been working with jazz musician and producer Bryan Anderson to finish up the recording. Bryan is from Charlotte, NC and has released several albums of smooth jazz, his latest efforts "Slow Your Roll" and "Beaufort Avenue" have been dubbed acoustical jewels by critics and fans. To check out Bryan's music visit    

- Holly McCormack was recently in the studio doing some recording with the Christian rock band "Red Letter Disciple." We all had a great rocking time. Thanks guys. 

- Congratulations to Brian Minshew. His video for "Take Me To Heart" charted in the top ten for the month of October for "Ourstage's" Pop video competition. We also want to thank Monte Wilson at Wilson Art Media and Kevin Kruger for thier work putting the video together.

- Welcome to our redesigned website. We have been busy making some upgrades to the site so our visitors will have an easier time accessing our music and videos. The new site also gives us a better platform to display future content to our viewers. So feel free to look around and give us some feedback on any areas we can still improve on. We would love to hear from you. 

- For the next couple of weeks we are giving our listeners a sneak peak of Holly McCormack's new song "That Look." The track will be included on "So Far From Reality" her upcoming album.To check it out go to Holly's reverbnation page.

- Holly McCormack will be performing at the Wine Over Water Festival on Saturday October 1st in Chattanooga TN. For information and showtimes visit  

- Congratulations to Michelle Holder. Her video for "Hurtin' and Blue" charted in the top ten for the month of July for "Ourstage's" country video competition. We also want to thank everyone at Dreamwind Studios in Joplin Missouri for thier help putting the video together.  

- Holly McCormack was recently in the studio working on her song "Let Me Breathe" with drummer Danny Lastinger, on loan from the "Doc Holiday Band." Holly hopes to include the track on her as yet untitled album, due out in early 2012. Thanks go out Danny and everyone for their hard work on the track. For up to the minute information please visit Holly's facebook page at Holly's facebook page.





- We are saddened by the passing of blues legend Eddie Kirkland. Eddie was killed in an automobile accident Sunday morning near Tampa Florida. He was 87 years old and had been performing since the age of twelve. Eddie played with many great musicians during his life including Otis Redding, John Lee Hooker, and most recently the rock group Foghat. Lyn Isbel and I had the rare opportunity to meet Eddie and see him perform with Macon blues man Barry Darnell at the historic Douglass Theatre back in March of 2009. His guitar work was at times breathtaking; the music world will miss him more than we know. For more information please visit  

- March’s segment of “Live from the Backyard” features Canadian singer/songwriter Elaine Ryan. Elaine offers up thoughtful lyrics coupled with soothing organic vocals which are sure to captivate listeners. Elaine sits down with our host Chrisann Parr to discuss some of the inspiration behind “Songs from the River” and also performs a new song “The Secrets of Girls” live in the studio. To check it out just go to our music page and click it. 


- Backyard Records will be sponsoring a performance by Canadian Folk singer/songwriter Elaine Ryan at The Sanders Ridge Vineyard in Booneville, North Carolina on Sunday December 5th at 2:00 pm. Elaine will be performing cuts from "Songs from the River" her recently released album. So everyone come on out and have a glass of wine and a good listen.

- Congratulations to Monte Wilson, Brian Minshew and the cast and crew of the "Take Me To Heart" video for winning the Best Music Video at the Southern Winds Film Festival. We also want to thank Kate Joyce and Dennis Dyer for their help with organizing the pre-screening cast and crew party. It was wonderful to see everyone, again, Thanks for coming out and we hope you enjoyed the party.