Johnathan Stowers

Johnathan Stowers has loved playing music since he was a tot. He started on the keys when he was 7 and, as a teenager, played piano for a church youth group. Then at 20, Johnathan bought his first guitar. He took everything he'd learned as a piano player and made it work for the strings. Johnathan played bass guitar in a praise and worship band at his church and was also the bass player and vocalist for “Jukebox Riot.” Now with rising rock/metal band “Soul Diary,” he plays bass guitar and sings. Johnathan's musical passion led him naturally to song-writing, and his lyrics spring from heartfelt experience.

Most everyone has dreamed of wedding a great love only to wake and discover it's only a dream. Johnathan's single “I Cried” is a song that achingly expresses the heartbreak of that poignant fantasy. The sweet lyrics coupled with soulful and honest vocals, faintly reminiscent of the late great Jeff Healey, take us all back to those tender unrequited desires.