The mission of Backyard Records is to discover and record the best vocalists and independent musicians we can find and to expose this music to music lovers like you. We sign the artists we love, and help them make the best records they can. That's the easy part. The tough part is getting it to the attention of other people who feel the same way we do. While you are here, please visit our artists' pages. We are confident you will be as captivated by their music as we were. 

Michael Harris

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer

2014 Board of Directors

Michael holds a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Saint Leo College and an A.S. in Applied Sciences from the University of South Carolina.

Michael co-founded Backyard Records with Michelle Holder in 2004 to provide a platform for deserving independent artists to spread their music and talent to a greater audience. Michael's background in planning and financial management have provided the board with direction and solid financial footing. Early on, his musical interests were Led Zepplin and Fleetwood Mac. But lately, his tastes have morphed into a fondness for folk stars Antje Duvekot and David Gray.

Michelle Holder


2014 Board of Directors

Michelle is a co-founder of Backyard Records and provides the board with a unique performer’s perspective. She has studied music at the University of Chattanooga and has performed with many notable artists. Michelle's background and passion for music make her an ideal choice to head up our Artist and Repertoire group. She has always enjoyed the music of the Carpenters, James Taylor, and lately Ruthie Foster. 

Megan Hollenbeck

VP Communications

2014 Board of Directors

Megan holds a BA in Communications from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Megan is a media enthusiast who spends much of her time creating video and photo content for various organizations. She co-founded "Chattanooga Organized For Action" in 2010 and also helped start the Theater for the New South in 2011. Megan's involvement in promoting local causes and her familiarity with local and regional media make her an ideal fit for our expanding presence in the Chattanooga market. As to her musical tastes, Megan enjoys the indie variety: St. Vincent is her spirit guide, and she also enjoys Radiohead, The Dirty Projectors, and Deerhunter. She wants to be Patti Smith when she grows up.

Stuart Wooden

VP Information Technology

2014 Board of Directors

Stuart holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from the University of Tennessee and an A.S. in Engineering from Dalton College.

Stuart brings significant expertise in Information Technology to the board. He has worked in the field for over twenty years and is a trusted and experienced leader. While growing up, his favorite bands were REO Speedwagon, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Led Zeppelin. Elton John and Bob Seger were also high on the favorites list. He now enjoys a great variety of music including classical, blues, and even some country music, to go along with old time rock and roll.

Michelle Cash

Director of Procurement

2014 Board of Directors

Michelle has worked in layout design and has worked closely in artist development. Her youthful perspective helps to keep the board abreast of the latest sounds. She is a fine vocalist and has performed on several Backyard sessions. A few of her favorite artists are Fleetwood Mac, Faith Hill, and Fall Out Boy.